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Mabinogi Generations
Generation 1

A mysterious woman named Nao brings you to the world of Erinn, a place created by the great god Aton Cimeni. You were brought in at a moment of relative peace; though fomors still attack, the land is not ruled by fear.
One evening a dream comes.
“Can you hear me?” A woman – no, a goddess – calls out to you.
“Ah so you can hear me…”
“I know this is a difficult request, but please come to this world, Tir Na Nog…is in danger…”
But before you can ask her anything, the world goes bright, and you wake up in Erinn.
That day, Chief Duncan asks you to find an earring misplaced while making a snowman in Sidhe Sneachta, and you do. Duncan thanks you but mentions that it was a favor for someone else.
“If you head toward Sidhe Sneachta, I hear there is a strange structure there. He said he made the snowman in remembrance of seeing that building… They say the structure is connected to another place by some magical power… But it doesn’t seem just anyone can enter… There are many rumors about a Druid who lost all of his family and couldn’t overcome the sorrow… and he turned into a bear.”
You are struck by curiosity for this snowy place, and as you venture to the northern-most point you come upon a bear on a Druid’s Altar. It is large, but it doesn’t attack you, and you remember that Duncan says it seems to be gathering Mana Herbs. Luckily you have some, and start feeding the bear while listening absently to its growls.
It writes the word, “Tarlach”, with a paw, in the snow. You stare.
Arriving back at Tir Chonaill later that day, you relate this tale to Duncan. He starts in surprise; it’s the name of the third lost warrior, a trio of legendary warriors (and legendary friends) who went missing while searching for Tir Na Nog, and you are intrigued. You vow to find out more and start asking around in libraries and schools, and it takes you to Dunbarton School’s Stewart. He mentions that people have thought that the Three Warrior’s story was proclaimed to be only a legend, but that he believes it. He gives you Tarlach’s locket, which is impressed with Tarlach’s memories, and requests you to see for yourself this friendship.
You gather up two friends and view the memories through the Three Lost Warrior’s eyes. Tarlach, you find out, was searching for Tir Na Nog, and was joined by a wandering swordsman by the name of Ruairi, and an archeress training under Ranald by the name of Mari. You learn that it is strange that the spiders in Alby have gotten so huge and that Mari has lost her memory of her earlier youth. You learn that Tarlach is searching for Tir Na Nog to reunite with his sister who was killed by Fomors. You are struck, while viewing the memories, that a goddess appeared in Ruairi’s dreams as well, calling him to help her.
You go to Duncan for help and he is amused by your questions, but tells you that a priest is more qualified to answer them. When asked, Priest Meven only smiles kindly and tells you how the warriors were lost and separated. He tells you how Tarlach is the only one to survive, and then only barely, eating Mana Herbs to remain stable. Meven tells you that since Tarlach is allergic to mana herbs, he is forced to change into a bear by day to consume these. Meven then gives you a book and suggest that you to go to Sidhe Sneachta during nighttime when Tarlach is human, as Tarlach is the one who can best answer questions about his own past. You agree and read the book while you travel. You realize that the Goddess Morrighan is the stone guardian and the stone face you see prior to your battles with the Fomors.
When you talk to Tarlach about what you have read, he tells you his story, and about what he and his friends were searching for, the Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog. But you want to find out more and he suggest you read The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog.
You head to Dunbarton, which has a thriving trade in books. Aeira the bookseller recalls that the book is no longer in stock, but you are persistent. After talking to her again, she explains that the publisher is printing another volume of it. After waiting a day and talking to her again, she promises to send an owl when the book is ready, as you have gone through so much trouble already.
When you get the book and read it, you learn that Tir Na Nog is the place where the sick are healed, where there is no war and everything is a paradise. However, it cautions that you shouldn’t pin your dreams on something so perfect. It states that this paradise is no real place.
You ask Tarlach about paradise. He seems diffident. He gives you a Brown Evil Pass, a special pass to enter Barri dungeon, and says you will learn more there. You are bemused, but you go, and you happen on a Black Wizard at the end. When you first meet him, he claims that you are trespassing on holy land and under Morrighan’s law will be destroyed. Humans are trespassing? Holy land? How dare this Fomor say such things!
You defeat the Black Wizard, and find on him a Fomor Medal. What is this? You ask around and only the priests really give a response, but even then they only refer you to Meven. Priest Meven looks surprised, and he explains it is not a Fomor Medal but rather what Priests who worship Lymilark wear. He then mentions that there is some writing on the back, but in Fomor script.
You recall that Alby Arena’s Gatekeeper is a goblin who, though not the friendliest, doesn’t attack humans on sight. You ask Goro about the medal and he tells you he will translate the writing for you if you get his ring back from the Ciar Dungeon. You do so, and he tells you that the writing is “Dul Brau Dairam Shanon” which translates into “Goddess, please lend me the moonlight…”.
You decide to talk to Tarlach about your findings, but he is dismissive and he tells you the translation is false. He tells you the true meaning, to your chagrin. But also to your astonishment, how does Tarlach know Fomor language?
You confront Goro about his lie, but he apologizes; he had been raised by a human and thus his command of Fomor language is shaky. He mentions a “traitorous succubus” living and hiding in Dunbarton. This gets you interested, a succubus hiding in a human town?
In Dunbarton, you drop “Dul Brau Dairam Shanon” in conversation, but there is no response until, to your surprise, you try it on Priestess Kristell. You express your disbelief and she in defense offers you Tarlach’s glasses pouch and tells you to drop it on the Rabbie Dungeon Altar to view his memories for yourself. You do so, and at the end of it you see Kristell as she must have appeared as a succubus. She sings a song she has written for Tarlach, and mentions that in watching Tarlach each times he comes searching for a way to Tir Na Nog she has fallen in love with him. She says that she will put her all into this fight, in order to win Tarlach’s love. Despite that, Tarlach beats her, and says that he still refuses a Fomor’s love and that a human’s love cannot be gained through defeating them. She vows to learn this love that she does not know.
You return to Kristell, somewhat more understanding, and mentions Tarlach’s continued survival. She lights up, and requests that you deliver a message to him and you do. Tarlach’s immediate response is to request that you to ask Kristell to translate the Book of Evil.
You raise an eyebrow, but deliver the book to Kristell. She asks you to wait until she translates it, which she does, relatively quickly. However she does not relinquish the book. She asks why should she do this favor for Tarlach, who has been so cold to her.
Why indeed. You tell Tarlach her words and he seems remorseful. He tells you to retrieve something he has entrusted to Meven. It is a black rose, however it’s been much damaged through time. He thinks, however, that it may be revived through magic and directs you to Lassar at the magic school. Lassar replies that she can revive the rose, but needs a Blessing Water. You give her the water, she promises to send an owl when she’s ready.
After retrieving the rose, you return to Tarlach, who wants you to give the rose to Kristell.
Kristell is stunned. The song she sang to Tarlach was The Black Rose. He remembers her, she realizes, and cares enough to have found a gift for her and have kept it safe all this time. Freely, happily, she gives you the translated Book of Revenge.
This book was written by Mores and talks about how Humans are creation of chaos, while the Fomors are creation of order. He explains that the Fomors must forever hate these Humans. If they don’t, the Humans will consume and destroy anything in their way, including the holy paradise created by the four gods, the land which establishes order, Tir Na Nog. It becomes quite evident that Mores does not like humans.
When you talk to Duncan, he explains that Mores was a hero, but he lost something precious. He also tells you that Mores’ last name was “Gwydion”.
You talk with Tarlach, who tells you that Mores was once his master. He says that his master could never be that evil and cruel, and doesn’t believe this is right. He mentions he once had Mores’ Ring Torque, through which you might see Mores’ memories, but that he’d lost it. Well, all lost property goes to the Town Office, but after talking to Eavan in Dunbarton’s Town Office, she only lets you know that there is nothing of the sort there, but that Kristell might have half of it.
You go to Kristell and she gives you the half torque, figuring that might still retain half the memories. You drop the half on a nearby altar, and it works. You see Mores, and you learn that he was looking for his wife Shiela after the war. He was determined to escape the dungeon and find her, but when he reaches the end of the dungeon he meets the Dark Lord, who tells him that he is doomed and cannot return to the human world. The Dark Lord then shows him what became of his beloved wife, Shiela, and their daughter: humans had burned his home to the ground. The fire crackles and no one moves towards it, even as a woman screams.
The Dark Lord says this happened because people were afraid of Mores’ power, despite his sacrifices in the war. This is what humans are like, he says. Defeated, Mores accepts the Dark Lord’s offer to join forces, and the Dark Lord takes him to meet the Goddess Morrighan, who persuades him to join her for revenge against the Humans.
You ask Kristell about the Goddess Morrighan wanting revenge. She tells you to talk to Duncan, who then directs the you to Tarlach, from whom you obtain the Book of Revenge. After lending this book to Duncan, he tells you he is under the impression that the book is actually a trilogy. When you talk to Kristell, she suggests talking to Aeira to find out more. After talking to her, Aeira does a little asking around, and soon gives you a Wizard’s Note, which you must drop on Ciar Dungeon. After finishing the dungeon, you find the Book of Revenge Vol. II in the chest. Ask Kristell to translate the new book. She sends an owl to give you the book when it is translated. Give the book to Duncan. He will then ask for the third volume.
Aeira directs you to Lassar, who redirects you to Seumas in Gairech Hill, the miner excavating a large dragon statue. Seumas asks for a favor before he gives you the book: he wants you to deliver a birthday gift to his son, Sion. After the quick errand he will keep his word, and you obtain the final book from Seumas. You then ask Kristell to translate this one last time.
Read the final book to learn about a very destructive beast called the Glas Ghaibhleann. You will need to talk to Duncan about this. He tells you it was a very dangerous creature used in the Second War. According to Duncan, Bryce in Bangor has an ancient text including accounts of the beast. Talk to Bryce and he will give you the book, The Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann.
When you talk to Duncan about this, he tells you that the Glas Ghaibhleann’s skeleton is made from a material called “Adamantium”. At the same time, you recall from your conversation with Bryce that there was a mysterious shortage of Adamantium in the mines. Talk to Tarlach and he will tell you to find him some Magic Powder of Preservation.
Go to Fiodh Dungeon and finish it. In the end chest you will find the powder that Tarlach wants. Give Tarlach the powder and he will give you his preserved broken glasses and tell you to drop these on the Rabbie Altar.
As the memory begins, Tarlach, Mari and Ruairi are in Albey Dungeon Altar. Mari and Ruairi are giving Tarlach their full support in setting Tir Na Nog upon Erinn. The Dark Lord confronts the trio in the final room. Though Ruairi and Tarlach are struggling to keep up, Mari manages to deal crippling blows to him, but ultimately he retreats after telling them a cryptic message: one will lose everything, one will learn the truth and not be able to handle it, and one will live in mental and physical agony forever.
When the three enter the chamber, they find the dormant Glas Ghaibhleann, still in the process of being created, Mari opens a chest and finds a book that Tarlach reads. Mores then appears and Tarlach desperately calls out to him. However, Mores ignores him, and tells Dark Lord to take them out but not kill them. Tarlach then calls out in desperation “Ruairi!!, Mari!!!”. Mores hears the name of his Daughter, Mari Gwydion, the little girl in the chamber, and changes stance quickly. He tells Dark Lord to stop. Morrighan intrudes, however, and tells him not to disobey her will and to kill them with prejudice. Dark Lord strikes at them and defeats them.
Tarlach awakens in Rabbie dungeon, being nursed by Kristell. She tells him that she does not know what happened to the others but that he was severely injured when she found him and that he is also internally bleeding. When questioned why she was doing this, she reminds him of the words he told her before, of love.
Mari’s and Ruairi’s fates are unknown.
When talking to Duncan about Morrighan’s Betrayal, he will tell you that it could not possibly be Morrighan and needs time to think about it. Morrighan reappears to you the next time you sleep, urgently asking you to hurry, and gives you the Pendant of the Goddess. When you tell Duncan about this dream, he becomes determined to help to get to Tir Na Nog. After a few hours, you will receive an owl from Duncan. Talk to him and he will tell you how Mari was brought to him by two white deer late at night, each carrying one end of a bundle. Within it lay a baby, Mari Gwydion: her mother had used the last of her magic to save her from the fire. Duncan gives you the other half of the Torque ring. The memories contained are Shiela’s.
Dropping the Torque ring on Math dungeon again gives you the point of view of the ghost of Shiela, who was desperately following Mores and trying to call out to him. When the exchange with the Dark Lord and the Goddess occurs, Shiela is the only one who notices that the Goddess of Revenge in the chamber is not really Morrighan, but Cichol. Futilely, she tries to tell Mores but is unable to. Mores sides with who you now know as Cichol.
Telling Tarlach about what really occurred will change his attitude regarding the Goddess. He asks for your help.
When you discuss Tir Na Nog with Duncan, he tells you to ask Kristell on how to reach the paradise. She demands proof that you can demonstrate strength and bravery. In reality, she is very worried about you and what could happen. After triumphing over strong monsters such as Golems, Ogres, or Bears, therefore proving your worth, she next tells you that she is worried that is being hunted by fomors and tells you to slay several different fomors. Once you have fulfilled her request, she will give you the Black Evil Pass.
In a dream before attempting to reach Tir Na Nog, you meet Morrighan again, and she reveals three things: she is slowly losing her control, Glas Ghaibhleann is nearing the finishing stages, and that she can see Erinn burning. She says that if what is stopping you is the Seal of Another World, find two others who are of equal strength to you in order to help you cross over.
Drop the Black Evil Pass on the Altar of Barri Dungeon during Samhain, the only time you can go to Another World. It is a relatively unguarded dungeon and when you clear out the boss room, you will find the Portal-Gate that connects Erinn and Another World. Another World is basically everything that Erinn is not. The Dungeon in this place lacks statues so only your friends can revive you. It is impossible to repair things here. You can only barely scrounge bare necessities.
After wandering a while, you discover a resident: Dougal, who looks strangely familiar. More importantly, he is willing to help you on your crusade against Cichol. He wants you to kill 10 zombies to test his theory on the Added Soul Phenomenon, which helps him find a way to bind your soul to this place so that you can revive near him if you are ever knocked out.
You set about freeing the Goddess, destroying the seals of the four gems, Green, Blue, Red and Silver. Along the way, you pick up strange-looking shards colored black, which Dougal reveals are pieces of the final gem, a Black Orb. Dougal will piece it together for you, and with much difficulty you destroy the final seal of Albey dungeon, freeing Morrighan.
Problem is, she tells you that she has little to no power left, which means you’re alone against the god of the Fomors. Good thing you’ve brought reliable friends.
Once you reveal to Dougal exactly what you’re about to do next, and give him the Goddess’ Pendant, he tells you his own surprises. He will explain that he is Glas Ghaibhleann, more specifically the Added Soul that appeared when the body was summoned without the will, and he was attached to the original Dougal’s body. He makes clear his dislike of the weakness of his host body, and the fact that his real body is being controlled against his will. He asks you to defeat his body so that he can be free. Once you agree, he will give the Goddess’ Pendant back to you, bound.
Drop this Pendant on the Altar of Albey, and along with two others, journey to the end of the dungeon to end it all.
The sixth floor reveals the Dark Lord, who blocks your path and tells you that he will defeat you in the name of the Goddess. However, he is defeated surprisingly quickly, as if he let you win. He then tells you that the Glas Ghaibhleann is finished and he vanishes. Morrighan, who you now know as Cichol, and Mores show up and tells you that it is finished and that you will be the first victims of the beast.
Glas Ghaibhleann is set free.
It heals very quickly, shrugging off wounds. While arrows do noticeable damage, you haven’t brought nearly enough to kill the beast. And to top it all off, he keeps summoning Light Gargoyles that gang up on you. However, focusing on the Light Gargoyles turned out for the best – they kept scrolls that were still suppressing Morrighan’s power! You immediately light a small fire from what you could find, and burn them, hoping the goddess will be able to help now.
She does. She temporarily grants you Invulnerability and the ability to grievously wound Glas Ghaibhleann, even with magic attacks. With these new powers, you and your friends whittle its health down until it screams in agony and falls. After its defeat, Cichol and Mores show up once again, and Cichol (still in Morrighan’s form) snickers at the defeat of Glas Ghaibhleann, and then reveals himself after Mores finally figures it out. Mores’ anger peaks when the Glas Ghaibhleann’s body explodes, causing a massive dimensional rift to form. This rift allows Fomors to travel into Erinn, ignoring Goddess Statues which were built at all dungeons to stop this kind of escape. Cichol had planned this all along. He had never intended to set Glas Ghaibhleann upon Erinn at all, which means he had been several steps ahead of Mores.
Mores engages Cichol in battle, but loses spectacularly. He tries to protect you from Cichol’s overwhelming power and is subsequently killed.
Cichol proceeds to try and kill you again, and then Morrighan, at the last second, steps in and stops him from doing the deed. The gods argue about the will of Aton Cimeni, but ultimately parts way without ever seeing eye to eye. Cichol vanishes, and Morrighan tells you that Erinn is now in even greater peril than before. She also tells you she had Nao, who she reveals is Mari reborn, bring you to Erinn to stop the destruction of Erinn. Her parting words are that you that you must become a Knight of Light… and then she sends you back to Tir Chonaill, to recuperate, if only for a moment.

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